Mortgage Solutions

Find answers and solutions to all your financial needs with our competitive mortgage rates, multi lender access, extensive lender programs, rate reduction strategy with our Mortgage GPS and a host of related mortgage and real estate solutions.

Mortgage Solutions We Offer

Whether you are a first time home buyer, upgrading to a bigger home, buying an investment rental property or in Business for Self (BFS), new to Canada or have blemished credit, or whatever is your mortgage need; the Newbridge Mortgage team of caring professionals will always put you first and use our 25 plus years of financing experience and contacts to give you the best service and advice for your specific need.


- Purchases
- Refinance
- Transfer/Switch
- Equity take out
- Debt Consolidation
- 2nd Mortgages


- Mixed Use Store front
- Multi Unit Residential apartment
- Commercial Plazas
- Builder Inventory
- Mezzanine Financing
- Asset base financing

With access to many of the best Canadian mortgage lenders we take the stress of finding the right Canadian mortgage rate and lender to meet your present and future needs; all at below posted rates.  As an added BONUS Newbridge Mortgage will also give every applicant who gets their mortgage through us our highly requested Mortgage GPS.  This amazing tool will show you how to pay off your mortgage and other debts in a fraction of the time thereby lowering your effective rate on your mortgage and literally saving you thousands of dollars.


Mortgage Rates

It's not all about RATES. Most people focuses on Mortgage Rates and ends up paying more unnecessary Interest to the bank than they should.  TAKE CONTROL and learn more about the Newbridge Mortgage GPS.  See the difference between Current Mortgage Rates compared to the Mortgage GPS Equivalent Rate.


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Mortgage Caculators

Mortgage Calculators includes a variety of tools to help you test and perfect your financial decisions. Each calculator performs a specific purpose.  Combining the results they will show you the impact of how changes in costs, interest, and time can affect your mortgage decision.



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Articles & Blogs

The Library include articles, videos, and news about Canadian mortgages.  The objective of the Library is to curate information about the Canadian mortgage industry by providing its readers with information about fundamental mortgage basics to up to date relevant mortgage news about how current laws and industry trends can affect the average Canadian mortgage consumer.

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